Cloud Consultancy

Cloud-Computing-Benefits-for-BusinessMoving to cloud-based IT services has many advantages and some disadvantages. Mills IT offers Cloud IT consultancy and to work out whats best step for your business to take.

For businesses and third sector organisations: it can remove capital expenditure & maintenance costs of hardware and software, reduce management and support costs, increase flexibility and help speed up changes.

For example, moving to a cloud backup system as part of your disaster recovery strategy will cut tape and off-site storage costs while removing the need for further hardware investment. It will also add speed and flexibility to your Business Continuity Plan. Moving your email to the Cloud will get rid of the pain and expense of running your own mail server, giving you highly accessible email, synced contacts and calendars.


The four commonly cited cloud computing types:

Public Cloud is service which provides IT applications and storage to the general public over the Internet. Public cloud services may be free or offered on a subscription basis. Public clouds, provide services to multiple clients using the same shared infrastructure.

Private Cloud has all the features of the Public Cloud but is not a shared service. It is set up solely for a business for its own staff to access specific services. Private Cloud means a company has its own infrastructure which can only be accessed by authorised users. A company either employs their own equipment and locates it in a datacentre or hardware rents hardware in a hosting centre and pays for it on a monthly basis.

Hybrid Cloud is an environment where an organisation has some resources in-house and others provided externally. For example, they may choose to use a public cloud service for email and online backup but keep a file server onsite.

Community Cloud is a collaborative affair where infrastructure is shared between a number of organisations from a specific field, or with a common purpose (i.e. compliance, security etc.).

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of moving your IT to the Cloud, please get in touch.