PCI DSS Consultancy

What Is PCI DSS?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an internationally recognised information security standard designed specifically to apply to organisations that handle credit card data.

  • The PCI DSS was created with one simple goal – to ensure that businesses can process credit and debit card payments securely, protecting businesses and consumers and reducing the likelihood of card fraud.
  • PCI QSAs (Qualified Security Assessors) are individuals that are certified to assess merchants and service providers against the standard, and provide a formal report on compliance (ROC).


How do we help?

PCI DSS isn’t black and white. It’s kind of grey and because of that organisations often require a lot of help interpreting the requirements to fit their specific operations.


We’ve been working with the PCI DSS since 2007. Helping many online retailers and SME’s complete PCI DSS status.

We provide independent PCI DSS expertise to help you develop and improve your current security programme in order to meet your PCI DSS compliance requirements.

Our consultancy is entirely flexible and based on what your organisation requires. We can do as little or as much as you need but here are some examples of work we regularly undertake for our clients.

  • Scope reduction
  • Gap analysis
  • Policy documentation
  • Procedure development and documentation
  • Technical solution design
  • Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) completion


If you’d like to know more about PCI DSS services, please get in touch.