Break Fix Support

What is Break Fix support?


Break Fix is on-demand or ad-hoc support, where companies simply call an IT support provider as and when they need help or advice. There are no upfront costs and no fixed reoccurring charges. However, the down side is there are no service levels and the support is completely reactive. 

With Break Fix Support from Millsit, billing is normally charged by the hour and resolution time. Costs can be slightly higher than other types of IT support as there is often more investigation and diagnosis required to understand and resolve the issue.


Where is Break Fix best used?


For many micro and growing businesses, on-demand IT support and access to expert advice from a local trusted partner is all that they need.


When businesses start to grow in size or complexity, the on-demand methods like RTS (Block Of Hours) and Break Fix can become expensive, make budgeting almost impossible and the failure of any proactive maintenance or monitoring can increase the number and severity of faults businesses see. 


In this case it may be more effective to employ a managed service.


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